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                Founded in 2001, Guangzhou Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional high-tech enterprise in research, production and operation in the field of feed additives and health care products, especially in feed pigments for poultry and aquatics. As one of the biggest manufacturer of natural pigments authorized by National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center (NFERC) and own four production lines for feed carotenoids in China and one production line in Mexico, we always serve worldwide customers with the high-tech, high-quality, cost-effective products.


                Leader is the only company with whole production chain of marigold industry in the world. With 10000 hectares of marigold cultivation base owned by Leader in North part, southwest part and northwest part of China, we can always supply our customer with good traceable and quality products. Our products had been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide including Southeast Asian, North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Middle East. The new factory in Mexico also ensures the efficiency of products supplying for America areas.


                Technology and innovation is always the development strategy of Leader; Green, natural, safe and residue free products is always our aim, we hope to offer healthy food for animals when we are decorating the color, and the people in Leader is doing their best to carry out this goal. In the mean time, the up-to-date research center and professional R&D team with quality control system like FAMI-QS, HACCP and ISO ensured the process. Good service after sales also gives the best technical support whenever you need.


                Your request is our mission; welcome to be our partner worldwide!


                Leader Group

                Guangzhou Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (HQ)


                Marigold Cultivation base & Pellet factory

                Qinggang Leader Agri-Development Co., Ltd. (North China) 
                Qinggang Leader Natural Pigment Co., Ltd. (North China)

                Pingluo Leader Natural Pigments Co., Ltd. (Northwest China)

                Qiubei Leader Agri-Development Co., Ltd. (Southwest China) 
                Yanshan Leader Agri-Development Co., Ltd. (Southwest China)                                                

                Guangnan Leader Agri-Development Co., Ltd. (Southwest China)


                Marigold Oleoresin Extraction Factory

                Qinggang Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (North China)
                Ningxia Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (Northwest China)
                Yunnan Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (Southwest China)

                Final Products Factory

                Foshan Leader Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (South China)

                Leader Biotecnologia De Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. (Located in Celaya, Mexico)