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                1.   Introduction

                The Research Center was founded in 2011, and our main task is to develop new product and technology in human nutrition and animal nutrition.


                Enzyme Catalysed Esterification Laboratory

                The lab is working on Lutein transformation to Astaxanthin. The project has obtained key patent for the new technology.


                Extraction and Purification Laboratory

                The lab focuses on improving ultrasonic assisted extraction to obtain more pure product and fewer residues in the product. Meanwhile, we have advanced technology on separation of critical fluid by column chromatography and new crystal filtration and drying process.


                Plant Breeding Laboratory

                The lab is cooperating with Chinese Universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences to screen new Adonis and Marigold flower rich of astaxanthin and lutein respectively.


                2.   Achievements Exhibition

                Patent :

                (1) A method of preparing 2 ~ (2) C _ (6) C _ (11) C _ (14) C _ (7) N _ (2) N _ (2) C _ (14) C _ (7) –Dialdehydes (201710445173.8)

                (2) The usage of supercritical fluid column chromatography to prepare high content capsanthin and capsaicin (201710445174.2)

                (3) A new equipment to saponify and extract xanthophyll in feed and food(201720687118.5)

                (4) To prepare Lutein carboxylate by Enzymatic esterification Method(201710778398.5)

                (5) A method of Preparation saponins powder by freeze-drying with Soap-free fruit extract(201711253764.1)

                (6) A new method of preparing zeaxanthin crystal with no waste water marigold oleoresin(201711266853.X)

                (7) A new method of produce astaxanthin by marigold bagasse extract fermentation(201710656298.5)

                (8) A new method of quickly preparing high content natural lutein ester(201711313682.1)


                3.    Expert Team

                Li Defa, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering/ Director of the Seventh Board of Directors of China Feed Industry Association/ Professor of College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University/ Director of Feed Industry Center, Ministry of Agriculture/ Director of National Feed Engineering and Technology Research Center/

                Research: Efficient utilization of feed resources; build the Effective nutrition value database in pig; 206 articles published; 3 awards of National second prize for scientific and technological progress; 17 patents;  charted 8 national standard.

                Qiao Shiyan, Vice director of National Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center/ Vice Director of National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center/ Director of College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University/ Deputy Secretary General, Animal Nutrition Branch, Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association/ Committee of Agricultural products quality and Safety Certification Center of the Ministry of Agriculture/

                Research: Animal Nutrition and Feed Science; more than 100 articles published including 40 SCI papers

                Chen Shouwen, Professor of Life Science School of Hubei University/ Director of Environmental microbial Engineering Technology Research Center, Hubei/ Director of Lu Kang Institute of Bioengineering of Hubei University/

                Research: fermentation engineering; 1 award of National second prize for scientific and technological progress; 45 patents; 10 books published; 150 articles published including 60 SCI papers;

                Ding Hongbiao, Scientist of Institute of Feed, and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Director of China-German Ecological Feed Research Center / Committee of Ministry of Agriculture Feed Additive and Additive Pre-mixed Feed production license Audit/ Director of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Branch, Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society/

                Research: Feed enzyme; 1 award of Second prize of national scientific and technological progress; 80 articles published; 17 patents

                Qiu Shengxiang, Chief researcher, Natural products Pharmacochemistry Research Group, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences/ Member of ACS, ASMS, ASP, USA/

                Research: Natural drug chemistry; Systematic study and Comprehensive Utilization of Chemical Resources of Medicinal plants; 100 articles published including 50 SCI papers (Chemistry & BiologyOrganic LettersTetrahedron Letters, etc); 3 patents, 2 books published

                Lin Jindong, PhD of South China University of Technology/ senior engineer / Expert of Chemical engineering and Process Expert on caroteinoid and polymers

                Research: Fine chemical technology; Mass transfer and separation technology; Application of natural products

                Zheng Chuntian, PhD of Agriculture Science/ Director of Department of Poultry Nutrition, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences/ Vice Director of Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed, Ministry of Agriculture/

                Research: Nutrition and Feed Science of Livestock and Poultry; 100 articles published including 20 SCI papers; 4 books published; awarded by National second prize for scientific and technological progress, First prize of Guangdong science and technology award, etc.